Saturday, April 25, 2009

The upcycle movement!!!!!

I think it is a great thing the way everyone is becoming so involved in the recycle/upcycle movement. With just a little effort we can all make a difference, I know I have been looking for some new project because of my crafter's block but I think I am starting to become inspired. I have a purse in my store that is made from jeans and onesies and ribbon. The only thing that isn't recycled is the ribbon, thread, and bead. I am currently working on a bracelet and purse of all recycled items...... I can't wait till I am finished...........

later have a good day :)


  1. I have also gotten the recycling's so much fun to take one thing and turn it into something completely different!

  2. Check out for some interesting ideas!we have also bee getting very much into upcycling here in Ireland! :)